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How I Got Married And Divorced In Two Days

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Marriage can be a beautiful union between two people who are madly, deeply in love. Or it can be a living hell from which you can never awaken, all because you knocked up that hostess at Denny's while you were both drunk on mouth wash. [...]

What Is The Best Feminist Rap Song?

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It's the current year, and rap is still a hotbed of problematic misogynist hatred. Isn't it time we take the rape out of rap and give hip hop a hip social justice message? The answer is "yes" and if you don't agree with me, you're [...]

Favorite Martial Arts Class Characters

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Interesting weirdos can be observed in just about any public venue, including an apartment complex or the gym. If you want to discover an odd nexus of socially inept dorks with Final Fantasy tattoos, white trash dudes on steroids and militant lesbians with anger management [...]

True Friends Would Never Fuck Your Mom: March-July Search Terms

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Too bad boys, she's asexual What's new in the wide world of crazy internet searches? Elf porn, cuck foot fetishes and more Craigslist weirdos, that's what! Let us gaze into the abyss of Google Analytics and see what strange search terms brought people to [...]