Recommendations from my clients

I have been working with Matt Lawrence since 2015 on various creative and technical initiatives for my websites, books, PDF’s and various info products.

His work is stellar and he has an excellent eye for design while maintaining an edge of sophistication in his creative work. On top of that, he works quickly and efficiently always meeting deadlines no matter the turn around time. I have become so reliant on his expertise I normally consult with him first when deciding new or different directions for my Brands. I give him my strongest endorsement and 5 STARS for his commitment to quality and professionalism.

Jay Campbell

Founder, jayccampbell.com

I brought Matt in to work on several Air Force Medical Operations Agency internal documentation and branding initiatives. He delivered high-quality work on time and under budget while adhering to the sensitive nature of military nondisclosure policies. Matt understands the importance of integrated and consistent brand storytelling across multiple digital and analog channels, which is a must-have quality for a modern design professional.

After working with Matt on numerous document design, logo development and marketing material initiatives, I’m confident in recommending his work to anyone needing graphic design services.

Aaron Fox

Senior Market Engagement Consultant, U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency

Matt has an excellent eye for color, composition, line, lettering–the stuff you don’t know you’re terrible at until you attempt your own book cover. He’s easy to collaborate with. He can take your concept and execute it. Or he can kick ideas around with you until you have a concept. He makes covers that look cool on a shelf and pop in an Amazon thumbnail at the same time. He can make a visual that both looks cool to new readers and matches the spirit of your work. He works in many styles but across them all there’s a clean, iconic aesthetic.

Matt’s an expert at working within Amazon KDP technical specs. He delivers a file that gets accepted by Amazon the first time and prints exactly like the digital version looks. If the previous sentence does not seem important to you—try publishing a book; it will.

Matt designed my first paperback. It didn’t cross my mind to work with anyone else on the next. When I started working with him I barely sold books. Now my self published books pay my rent. This is in part because people click Matt’s covers from Amazon’s “Customers Also Bought” section. I’ll work with him again whenever possible.

Delicious Tacos

Author, The Pussy and Finally, Some Good News

I’m the rooms manager for a high-end historic hotel. Our reservation system is set up to send out automated email confirmation letters for bookings and cancellations. The system is old, outdated, and the letters were ugly and gave a terrible first impression of our hotel. We hired Matt Lawrence to redesign them, and they’re truly top notch now, just like an expensive hotel should have.

After we saw what a great job he did with our reservation email redesign, we hired him to redesign our hotel history packet, which was popular with guests but needed updating. The new history packet is now a work of art and we can barely keep them on hand because everyone wants to take a copy home! Will definitely hire Matt in the future for any graphic design project; his work is truly world-class.

James Estelle

Lodging Manager, The Strater Hotel

Matt is a creative, responsive, and quick graphic designer. He designed a poster for a college campus-wide speaker series that I organized and hosted. During the design process, Matt carefully and actively listened to my description of the series, and then he creatively depicted each speaker’s event on the poster. The poster received such high praise that I recruited Matt to design another poster for the same speaker series the following year.

Matt always delivered his work promptly, and it was easy to communicate changes and updates to him. I enjoyed working with Matt so much that I hired him to help me format dozens of graphics and charts for my first-ever book. Matt worked with incredible speed, and as I revised some of my book, I needed the graphics updated quickly to meet the press deadlines. He was always patient with me as I sent him several different requests for format changes, and he made those changes overnight. It was an absolute pleasure working with Matt, and I certainly will work with him in the future.

Dr. Michael Dichio

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Utah

We have always been cautious working and cooperating with third-parties to promote and understand our vision as a band. Matt’s professionalism and passion has been so important to us that we now value him as part of the illyria family. There is no other way to put it, we can’t imagine working with anyone else when it comes to stylishly visualising what we want to achieve.

Ilija Stajic

Singer/Lead Guitarist, Illyria

I contracted Matt Lawrence to make multiple logos for my YouTube channel starting in 2016, and it was the best marketing decision I have ever made. He has added a layer of professionalism to my brand in the form of profile pictures, video intros, T-shirts, and patches that have been invaluable and have really helped me grow an audience. I can’t recommend his artwork enough.
Chuke Johnson

YouTuber, Chuke's Outdoor Adventures

My name is Trevor Blake.  I am a small-press publisher with over 35 years experience.  In 2015 I hired the services of Matthew Lawrence to design and execute a cover to my book “Max Stirner Bibliography.”

Mr. Lawrence delivered!  He asked insightful questions to clarify my goals, he swiftly offered a rough design, incorporated my suggestions, and once the work was approved he did the most important task of any graphic designer: deliver the finished work, slightly ahead of schedule.

I have admired Mr. Lawrence’s graphic work for some time, and would readily hire him again.

Trevor Blake

Author, Max Stirner Bibliography