A list of musical projects I’ve worked on

Aborted Earth

You’re !Free

2021 – Session Bass Guitar

I’m back on this single for more bass work with the boys in Aborted Earth on the single You’re !Free. This single integrates some more alternative rock singing style in with the grindcore of previous work. This single features some great artwork and production made by my long-time music buddy and guitarist/vocalist Shannon Bowman.

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Thot Purge


2020 – Session Bass Guitar

I’ve worked with Thot Purge on several projects, including the single art and lyric video for BOOMERDEATH, along with a logo and the album art for an upcoming re-release of their first album “Live Laugh Love.” The boys were kind enough to let me contribute a bass track to this single since I’d done so many visuals for them. Check out the lyric video here. Take a look at the art here.

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Aborted Earth

Funny Suits & Shiny Boots

2019 – Session Bass Guitar

Funny Suits & Shiny Boots is a split EP with Maryland one-man project Excruciating Euphoria. I played bass on these two tracks as well as collaborating on part of the album art. Read more about the artwork here. This split contains my favorite Aborted Earth track “9 To 5 (Back To The Grind)”, with some really fun bass riffs. 

Listen for free or download on Bandcamp for €4.00.

Aborted Earth

[Grindcore, Actually]

2019 – Session Bass Guitar

[Grindcore, Actually] is the companion EP to [Grindcore, Allegedly]. I once again played bass and did the art for this album. [Grindcore, Actually] is a bit heavier than the companion EP with some of my favorite bass riffs I’ve done yet. The art is riffing on a low-budget record label’s art, who rejected our Dead Kennedys cover for one of their comps because it wasn’t “grind” enough.

Listen for free or download on Bandcamp for €2.00.

Aborted Earth

[Grindcore, Allegedly]

2019 – Session Bass Guitar

This fun little EP is a gag based on metal blog Toilet Ov Hell’s brief description of Aborted Earth as “[Grindcore, allegedly].”

Aborted Earth decided to do an EP riffing on the idea of not exactly being grindcore, including the thrash/punk song “Dog On A Pike” and electronic track “Nuclear Pent-O-Caust”. I did the album artwork of a grimy, disgusting toilet to pay homage to Toilet of Hell for giving us the idea for the EP. I left it as an imperfect sketch to match with the feeling of the album – quick and dirty.

Listen for free or download on Bandcamp for €4.00.

Aborted Earth

Too Drunk To Fuck

2019 – Session Bass Guitar

I got hired on for some session work for eclectic Irish “grindcore” band Aborted Earth, as their live bassist didn’t have time to do any recording work. Aborted Earth was asked to appear on a Dead Kennedys cover compilation, which ultimately didn’t make the cut. I’m personally very happy with the way it turned out, and since I’ve been a big Dead Kennedys fan since my mid teens, this was a fun cover to create.

This song marks my first recorded material in almost 12 years, as I haven’t been in a band in ages. It’s great to be back in the saddle and playing music with a great group of guys like Aborted Earth.

Listen or download for free (or give the guys an optional donation) on Bandcamp.

Rally The Fray


2007 – Guitar/Bass

Rally The Fray’s final EP, released as a giveaway for our last show before we broke up. I played guitar on the entire album and bass on the final track “Reason To Exist”. I created the original album artwork and booklet layout, but took the time in early 2020 to redo the cover for a portfolio piece.

Almost constant issues with lineup changes, expenses and internal stress prompted us to call it a day shortly after recording this EP. We had a good 3 year run filled with great tours, tons of shows and loads of fun, so I’m glad we got this last bit of music out.

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Rally The Fray

To Never Live In Denial – Expanded Edition

2006 – Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming

Rally The Fray’s only full length album. I played guitar as well as a couple of the more difficult bass riffs on the main album. Shortly after our album tour, we had significant lineup changes. Jamie, our singer, and I wrote the track “Capable of Agency” and recorded it as a demo. Jamie did the vocals and I did the instruments/drum programming. After Jamie left we didn’t use the track, but I had the song remastered and included it here as an “expanded edition”.

This album, despite some recording issues, turned out pretty good and doesn’t sound like anything else that I’ve ever heard. We did a great combo of metalcore riffs, NOFX-style punk beats and old school posi-core. I’d encourage downloading this album for free and sharing it with your friends.

Listen/download for free on Bandcamp.

Guns ‘N Rosa Parks


2005 – Session Guitar/Backing Vocals

I briefly played as a session guitarist in Guns ‘N Rosa Parks, a cult hardcore punk band from Fort Collins, CO. I recorded a few guitar tracks and solos on the Antifreeze album and played as a fill-in live guitarist for about six months. I also helped record both GNRP’s demo and Antifreeze.

The original Antifreeze album had roughly a dozen more tracks than the Give Praise Records EP re-release from 2010. Unfortunately the full album only appeared as a limited run of tapes sold at shows. The re-release doesn’t feature any of my guitar recordings, but I highly suggest you give it a listen as it’s an awesome, high-energy album.

Listen for free or download on Bandcamp for $2.00.

Rally The Fray

2005 Demo

2005 – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Rally The Fray was the most serious band I ever played in. Patrick Brennand (the other guitarist) and I started the band in 2005 and, after a few initial lineup changes, we recorded this 3 track demo. Patrick and our vocalist Jaime Van Lanen wrote profound, thought-provoking lyrics to go along with the high-energy music.

Rally The Fray’s music was a unique crossover style, merging oldschool hardcore, NOFX-style punk riffs and (at the time) a modern metalcore sound. Nobody before or since has done this same style (that I’m aware of), and I’m really proud of the unique sound we created. This demo features the song “Two Kings and No Form”, which we didn’t rerecord on subsequent albums.

I redid the album art in May 2019 just for fun, as our original album art was frankly pretty terrible. We used a lot of heart motifs throughout our career, so I stuck with that, adding some rough textures to make the artwork look like a worn out CD. I also redid the lyrics and included a PDF lyrics booklet along with the download, which I encourage you to grab for free and share with your friends.

Listen or download for free on Bandcamp.

The Guillotine Fags

I Call Them Girly Men!

2004 – Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Drums

The Guillotine Fags was a joke recording project featuring me and a couple of friends rotating instruments. The goal was to write funny, absurd and barely listenable songs a la Anal Cunt while playing instruments we didn’t actually know how to play. Over the course of an afternoon, we recorded the music on the fly as we wrote it and added lyrics on top of it.

We all played pieces of every instrument, utilizing a bass guitar that we tuned randomly and a guitar tuned to drop D. Nothing is tuned remotely close and none of us could keep time on drums to save our lives, yet it turned out great, achieving a bizarre and hilarious 13 song, 8 minute “album”.

I redid the album art and logo in 2018, along with another great remaster courtesy of Xeropulse Audio Engineering.

Listen/download for free (or donate a couple bucks) on Bandcamp.

Criminally Insane Americans


2003 – Lead Guitar/Bass/Vocals

My high school band Criminally Insane Americans played a combination of thrash/punk with funny lyrics intended to make you bang your head and laugh your ass off. The entire band contributed to the songwriting, but I wrote all the solos and most of the lyrics.

The album cover and logo were my very attempts at graphic design in roughly 2001, using Adobe Illustrator 9.

My brother and I posthumously recorded the album in 2003, a couple of years after the band broke up, so I played all the guitars on the album. I hired Xeropulse Audio Engineering in 2018 to remaster the horrible quality of the original recording and create an actual listenable EP.

Listen/download for free (or donate a couple bucks) on Bandcamp.