A list of musical projects I’ve worked on

Guns ‘N Rosa Parks


2005 – Session Guitar/Backing Vocals

I briefly played as a session guitarist in Guns ‘N Rosa Parks, a cult hardcore punk band from Fort Collins, CO. I recorded a few guitar tracks and solos on the Antifreeze album and played as a fill-in live guitarist for about six months. I also helped record both GNRP’s demo and Antifreeze.

The original Antifreeze album had roughly a dozen more tracks than the Give Praise Records EP re-release from 2010. Unfortunately the full album only appeared as a limited run of tapes sold at shows. The re-release doesn’t feature any of my guitar recordings, but I highly suggest you give it a listen as it’s an awesome, high-energy album.

Listen for free or download on Bandcamp for $2.00.

The Guillotine Fags

I Call Them Girly Men!

2004 – Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Drums

The Guillotine Fags was a joke recording project featuring me and a couple of friends rotating instruments. The goal was to write funny, absurd and barely listenable songs a la Anal Cunt while playing instruments we didn’t actually know how to play. Over the course of an afternoon, we recorded the music on the fly as we wrote it and added lyrics on top of it.

We all played pieces of every instrument, utilizing a bass guitar that we tuned randomly and a guitar tuned to drop D. Nothing is tuned remotely close and none of us could keep time on drums to save our lives, yet it turned out great, achieving a bizarre and hilarious 13 song, 8 minute “album”.

I redid the album art and logo in 2018, along with another great remaster courtesy of Xeropulse Audio Engineering.

Listen/download for free (or donate a couple bucks) on Bandcamp.

Criminally Insane Americans


2003 – Lead Guitar/Bass/Vocals

My high school band Criminally Insane Americans played a combination of thrash/punk with funny lyrics intended to make you bang your head and laugh your ass off. The entire band contributed to the songwriting, but I wrote all the solos and most of the lyrics.

The album cover and logo were my very attempts at graphic design in roughly 2001, using Adobe Illustrator 9.

My brother and I posthumously recorded the album in 2003, a couple of years after the band broke up, so I played all the guitars on the album. I hired Xeropulse Audio Engineering in 2018 to remaster the horrible quality of the original recording and create an actual listenable EP.

Listen/download for free (or donate a couple bucks) on Bandcamp.