Do you like laughing at absurdity such as weird gym characters and poop stories? You’d better say yes, because I’m proud to announce the publication of my new book The Chronicles of Bronan The Barbarian, available right now through Terror House Press and Amazon.

The History Of Bronan The Barbarian

A few people might remember Bronan The Barbarian, a humor blog I started a decade ago geared at making fun of everything and everyone. My friend Daniel had introduced me to the blog Roissy in DC (who later became Heartiste), which I spent every waking moment of the next two weeks reading. I got the urge to write my own blog pretty quickly, but since I’m incapable of being serious for any length of time, I gravitated towards sarcastic shit-talking right off the bat.

The blog had a great run, lasting almost three years until a fellow writer and alcoholic stalker threatened me and several others with doxxing and forced us to pull the plug on our writing projects. The Chronicles of Bronan The Barbarian is a compilation of a good majority of the blog’s content, spanning BTB’s three years of publication.

Read a couple samples from the book:

The Excommunication of Pine Sol Guy
What’s The Worst Tattoo You’ve Ever Given Someone?
Tales of Interest: My First Craigslist Missed Connection

The Chronicles of Bronan The Barbarian contains nearly 100 of my best humor articles, clocking in at almost 200 pages. They’re quick reads, meaning you can waste company time taking a shit, get paid and entertain yourself by reading my book AT THE VERY SAME TIME. Not only that, since I can sort of draw when I need to, I included a bunch of illustrations in the book. Get a copy of the print version to fully enjoy my glorious artwork!

Cover Artwork

Of course I made the cover myself as well. Check it out:

The Chronicles of Bronan The Barbarian by Matt Lawrence
The cover features the old sword/shield/rune logo I made way back in the day when I barely knew how to use any art programs, cleaned up to be more catchy and interesting. I made the cover back in 2016 or so but never got around to releasing the actual book until now. Have a look at the full cover:

The Chronicles Of Bronan The Barbarian Full Cover

The book features a new foreword written by Terror House Press’ editor Matt Forney, regaling the glory days of old-school Manosphere writing and how the writers of the era helped shape the modern writing community.

As I was building this thing, I got many a laugh out of my own writing, and I think you will too. Get a copy of The Chronicles of Bronan The Barbarian in ebook format or grab your very own print copy. Use the code BRONAN at checkout (print version only) and get a 15% discount on your purchase!