Admit it. You love fast food, you shameless glutton. And you’ll love it more when you see my brutal death metal fast food logos. Behold, my caloric abomination creations!


A jolt of sugar enters your blood
Inhaling fritters in a diabetic flood
Bathe in caffeine, the coffee so black
Guts now expanding, a morbidly obese attack

Donuts man, fuckin’ donuts. I love em and Dunkin’ Donuts especially will destroy my six pack quicker than than you can scream “FROSTED PINK CUSTARD FILLED BLASPHEMY, NOW” at the donut slave behind the counter. I made this one for a contest along with a bunch of sick metal designers. Check out their work as well because these guys are amazing artists.

Believe it or not, this is the first time in my professional career that I’ve ever taken a crack at a “brutal” looking logo. Get your blasphemous beetus on with my Dunkin’ Donuts death metal logo and a couple of alternate marks:


Grease on your fingers
Salt in your eyes
Big Mac and ketchup 
Your death is supersized
Grinding McNuggets
A vile liquid paste
Top it all off
With a Mc fuckin’ shake

Watch as the golden arches descend into madness as the McDonalds logo assumes its true form. Ronald McDonald’s horrifying grin grows ever wider as his questionable meat products slowly overtake the earth. Gaze upon this McDonalds death metal logo and despair!


Burrito or taco
It’s time to decide
Shit yourself to death
In a bathroom suicide

The baleful lizard eye of the Bell watches as you greedily consume your Gordita Crunch. Satan laughs, knowing you draw ever nearer to his domain. The smell of a thousand bean burrito farts peel the paint from your walls…


Monosodium glutamate
Dehydration is your fate
Sweet and sour
General Tso’s evil power
Your entire paycheck
The plumber will devour

Pandas are the most black metal animal since they’re always wearing corpse paint. Check out two different versions of this logo:

The Conclusion

You’ve seen the horrific evil lurking behind as the fast food mask slips. Now you need one of these on a t-shirt, so get these designs on my TeePublic store.

Now its your turn. Hire me for your own evil (or not so evil) logo or follow me on Instagram for more art mayhem.