Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Heavy Metal Bassist and Fitness Bro

Matt Lawrence is the world’s greatest graphic designer, musician and humor columnist, as well as mankind’s last hope for salvation.

Through years of study, Matt has achieved the status of “Grand Master” in the ancient art of musical elitism. He enjoys heavy metalphysical fitness and the art of partying.

Matt has explored the globe by touring in various hardcore and punk bands. He’s lived in exotic and bizarre locations around the country, including Fort Collins, CO, Portland, OR and Des Moines, IA. He currently resides in Udon Thani, Thailand, home of Isaan’s finest traffic accidents.

Matt has been fumbling around with art and illustration since childhood where he drew crayon pictures of dinosaurs on his parents’ walls. He’s since semi-retired from destroying nice things and transitioned into creating digital artwork for the enjoyment of all mankind.

He’s also the art director for Terror House Press, the greatest independent publishing house the world has ever known.

If you’re interested in custom artwork or simply want to send n00dz, holla atcha boy by emailing matt [at] mattlawrence.net.