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Interview With An Actual Australian

G'day, mate! Today we're going to do an interview with my friend Josh, who is an actual Australian. He's from the city of Sydney, which is Australian for "Las Angeles". In case you don't know, Australia is both a continent as well as a country. Its also filled with shit that will kill you such [...]

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A Story About Jail

Have you ever had an experience that's too weird not to share? I know I've had plenty of 'em. Here's the latest one to add to the roster. I just woke up from a dream about working at jail. Not as a corrections officer, just there with my laptop doing my regular work. For no [...]

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Ho Chi Minh T-Shirt

You'd be surprised at what you see when wandering the streets of Saigon. Discarded SARS masks, random trash and of course, American franchise restaurants. This means I need to combine Vietnamese history with the Colonel of Corporate Expansionism to create my amazing new Ho Chi Minh shirt. Take a look below: Get yourself a little [...]

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