Troll Master Class: How To Create Fake Screenshots Without Photoshop

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Have you ever laughed at a funny Facebook screenshot or impotently cursed at a screencap of someone's infuriating Twitter feed? Take those images with a grain of salt because it's disturbingly easy to create fake screenshots. The best part? You don't even need Photoshop. In [...]

An Example of A Successful Craigslist M4W Casual Encounters Ad

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Here's a random hot redhead that you probably won't meet on Craigslist Howdy readers! Are you ready to wade into the murky depths of online dating? Many of you are familiar with Tinder, but did you know Craigslist is the OG source for [...]

The Best Halloween Costume For Men

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Halloween is right around the corner! Ignore the Snickers and spooky ghouls, because Halloween is really about one thing: Looking your best while you drunkenly hit on every half-naked girl in sight. So what's the best Halloween costume for men? Learn how to stand out [...]

Should You Wear Pants In Walmart? A Simple Guide To Covering Your Fat Ass With Clothing

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Welcome to Matt's Guide to the Wonderful World of Fashion! This is the first in a series of articles wherein I helpfully impose my fashion sense upon the internet with an iron fist. Many of my readers have questioned the acceptability of gracing Walmart and [...]

Link Whoring 101: How To Promote Your Website Without Pissing Off Other Bloggers

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Listen up kiddies, it's learnin' time! Yer ol' pal Matt is about to drop some core blogging knowledge for newbie writers. Writing a blog is a rewarding process. However, even providing incredible content won't mean much unless somebody's actually reading it. "Link whoring", AKA commenting [...]

How To Make An Awesome Birthday Card For Your Mom

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Hey there kids! Today I'm here to teach you how to make an awesome birthday card for your mom. Handmade gifts are perfect since mothers everywhere love the stuff you make, no matter how crappy it is. Plus it's free. Minimal effort + low cost [...]