Have you ever laughed at a funny Facebook screenshot or impotently cursed at a screencap of someone’s infuriating Twitter feed? Take those images with a grain of salt because it’s disturbingly easy to create fake screenshots. The best part? You don’t even need Photoshop. In fact, it’s easier and far more believable to avoid using image manipulation software. So what’s the secret? It’s hidden right in your browser.

Getting Started

You’ll need:

  • A computer
  • A sense of humor
  • Chrome or FireFox or whatever web browser

Remember: Only use this information for evil!

Choose Your Target

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter is a masterpiece of obvious pandering and bland talking points. What say we cuck her shit up a little bit as an example?

Clinton Original Screenshot

How To Create Fake Screenshots Using “Inspect Element”

Did you know that you can alter anything on a web site with just a tiny bit of code knowledge? Web designers and developers do it all the time, and it’s very, very easy. Simply right click on whatever you’d like to change. Depending on your browser, you’ll want either “inspect” or “inspect element”. For example, right click on the words “Hillary Clinton” and click “Inspect”. You’ll see a big block of code pop up at the bottom of the screen:

Inspect element

Look for the words you want to change. Double click on “Hillary Clinton”. This will allow you to edit the text. Let’s inject a little edge into ol’ Hilldog’s profile:

Pussy Destroyer

Hit enter when you’re finished. You’ll see the changes magically appear like some crazy ass wizard just climbed inside your computer and changed things using basic code skills. You may need to dig a bit to find the HTML element you’re looking for. Just click the small triangles to expand more code, read carefully and give it a try until you figure out what you’re doing.

Hold your horses!

Whoa there. When making changes using the browser’s development tools, you’re only making changes on your computer. Don’t go bragging to your friends that you’re some elite hacker or else you’ll look like a dumbass when you try to pull up the site on your phone. Remember not to click any links on the page when playing around. You’ll lose all your changes if you click off the page.

Finishing Your Screenshot

If you know what you’re doing, you can change pictures, fonts, colors or anything else you want. You can easily learn enough HTML in an afternoon to change entire web pages, but changing text is enough to do some significant disruption.

I made a few “improvements” to Hillary’s page and it only took me about three minutes. Think she’ll hire me as her new campaign manager?

Proof That Hillary Clinton Is A Lizard Person

Convincing proof that Hillary Clinton is a lizard person

Looks a lot better than some half-assed Photoshop job, plus it took about 1/10th the time. That’s maximum bang for your trolling buck. Once you’re finished, just take a screenshot (command+shift+3 on Mac or “print screen” on Windows then paste into Paint) and voila! Let the propaganda party begin.

Take a look at some more fake screenshot examples from your favorite brands:

Coca Cola screen shot

mcdonalds butt burglar

Pretty neat huh? Go forth and utilize your newfound powers to completely disrupt everyone’s reality, because everything on the internet is basically a lie anyway.

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