Christmas is tomorrow, so that means it’s time for ridiculous metal covers of classic Christmas songs. I joined a band for the first time in a decade, so we decided to put out our heavy metal Jingle Bells cover as a little intro. I didn’t play on this song (we all live really far apart and I didn’t have a means to record my part in time), but I did create the artwork and the video. Take a look at Still The Heartbeat’s metal Jingle Bells cover below:

Pretty sweet huh? We’re doing a fun mix of deathcore, dubstep and other influences. Here’s the “album” artwork, featuring a reworked version of my Morbid Santa illustration from a few years back.

Still The Heartbeat - Jingle Bells

You can download this song for free on Bandcamp or follow Still The Heartbeat on Facebook. Have a metal Merry Christmas, fuckers!

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