Where's My Keys Difficult philosophical questions have plagued humanity since the dawn of time. Whether you wonder if there is a god or if there is a meaning to life, we can all agree that the most important question of all is “Where the hell did I put my keys?” I’m here to lay that question to rest once and for all! Here’s how to stop losing your keys – at least while you’re in the gym.

I almost never lose my keychain and I’ve only locked myself out of something once. However, the glaring exception to this rule is hanging onto a single key in the gym. Most gym shorts/pants don’t have a pocket that zips closed (or even a pocket at all). At least twice per week the key falls out of my pocket during some random exercise. I’m left retracing my steps throughout the entire gym like an idiot so I can get back into my locker.

Luckily there’s an incredibly obvious solution that I discovered a few months ago and I haven’t dropped or lost a key since. What is this amazing piece of information?

Dun dun dun… Tie it to your shoe!

A simple, elegant solution to the key loss problem. Check it out, I’ll even take some pics and show you how it’s done.

How To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Holy crap, wasn’t that easy? The best part is, you don’t even need some stupid device to find the key. IT’S RIGHT THERE TIED TO YOUR SHOE. Make sure you check back 8-10 times per day for more useful tutorials, even though I only update the site like twice per week.

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