Let’s play word association! When I say “holidays” what do you think? Hopefully it goes a little something like this:

Holidays -> Friends, family and delicious treats -> Cookies -> Obesity -> Santa Claus -> North Pole -> Cold -> Elf slavery -> Mistreatment of animals -> Clubbing baby seals

Did we arrive at the same conclusion? Good! Luckily for you, I unearthed a highly-relevant drawing of mine from a couple of years ago. Spread that holiday cheer with my cute baby seal illustration:


Clubbing Baby Seals


Ok, so I’m a liar and this has nothing at all to do with the holidays. But awwwww! He’s got a nail bat and everything! And one of those little spiky German helmets! Why did I draw this in the first place! I don’t really remember! A lot of ex-girlfriends seemed to really love this illustration, so feel free to send it to your ex. Guess there’s just something about a combination of “cute” and “wants to kill you.”

Want your very own illustration? Holla atcha boy!

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