The boys in Thot Purge dropped a new single today and I got to create the art, lyric video and even contribute a bass track. The butthurt over this track, entitled “BOOMERDEATH” is hilarious. Check out the art:

Thot Purge Boomerdeath Single

I took the idea of boomers taking cruises and massively spreading coronavirus and applied the look of old retro postcards to create the image. I rounded it out with with boomers blowing viral loads out of their mouths while drinking wine and bleeding from the eyes/mouth. What better way to celebrate the end of the world? Hilarious for a death metal/deathcore song and fits the motif of the song perfectly. Check out the lyric video below:

I’m not much of a video guy, so I just tossed in the words as they appear and a bonus meme for some humor.  This song was truly a blast to work on from start to finish and I’m stoked I got to work with these guys on the project.

Check out Thot Purge on Bandcamp and get their full length (amazing) or the Helle Delphine and BOOMERDEATH singles for free.

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