A few months back my friends Marco and Arlina tied the ol’ knot, in the sense that they are now shackled together forevermore by the holy and governmental bonds of matrimony. I’ve known Marco for years, and we even played in a band together back in high school. I was super stoked to do a design for him and his fianc√© as they’re both are both huge fans of gaming, comics and anything nerdy. They went with a superhero themed wedding, so I drew them as a superheroic couple. Check out the invitation:

Superhero Wedding Invitation

I drew both of them as comic characters based on a style sample Arlina gave me and threw in some catchy comic type to make sure that friends paid attention when they got the invitation in the mail. A few mutual friends mentioned they even kept this one on their fridge.

Want your own wedding invitation? Hit me up and I’ll set you up with something awesome and memorable.

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