Craigslist Casual Encounters is the holy grail for trying to score without actually leaving the house. The problem is, most guys can’t write a decent Casual Encounters ad to save their lives. Whether you’re being too boring or straight up creepy, you probably need to refine your lifestyle and writing a bit in order to maximize your internet dating return. Check out how I quadrupled my responses with Craigslist Casual Encounters with these tips.

Don’t Be Ugly


Say hello to your new best friend

This goes without saying, but women don’t want to have a random fling with some ugly schmuck. If you’re ugly, you will never get anywhere on Casual Encounters, period. Luckily, there’s plenty of things you can do to fix your ugly problem.

  • Lift weights
  • Eat a better diet
  • Fix your clothing style
  • Shave your head if you’re going bald

These simple fixes will catapult you into a completely different realm of internet dating prospects. I’d guess 80% of men don’t lift or do anything physical on a regular basis, so they have twig arms and a beer gut, so simply hitting the gym 4 times per week for a year will elevate you into the top 20%. Don’t forget to eat well too – abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. I’d guess that at least 3/4 the women on my roster (if not more) were mostly interested because I work out a lot. You don’t need to be a gigantic bodybuilder, but becoming as fit as possible will benefit your life in more ways than just dating.

Your style says a lot about you. No woman likes a slob, so ditch the dirty, ill-fitting jeans and crusty Budweiser t-shirt. Get some clothes that fit and flatter. I stopped wearing death metal shirts to dates, got some nice jeans and upgraded my wardrobe thanks to my buddy Tanner’s blog Masculine Style. Read through Tanner’s archives for some ideas on how to improve your own personal style.

Lastly, shave your head if you’re going bald. I shaved my head for years just because I was lazy/cheap and I’m on a crash course towards actual male pattern baldness. In five years or so the clippers will once again be my best friend. These Remington hair clippers do a fantastic job of keeping your dome looking good. Depending on how bald you are, you might want to go with a 1/4 or 1/8 inch guard to keep a bit showing.

Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the top of your head as well. I’m a ginger so I’m super prone to skin cancer. I like Neutrogena sun screen because it rubs in well and doesn’t smell as bad as most other sunscreen brands. It also offers some of the best protection available.

Fix Your Grammar

Amazingly, grammar does matter when writing Craiglist Casual Encounters ads. Women like to be turned on mentally as well as physically, so do yourself a favor – write your ad in Microsoft Word first, then run a spell check before you post. You’ll look smarter, and therefore better, in the eyes of your female readership.

If you can’t write at all, learn. It’s an essential job and life skill. This article by my friend Rob will give you a crash course in writing improvement. Read it, apply it and become successful.

Post A Picture

Let’s face it. Nobody likes a fatass. If you’re rocking a dadbod, you can basically kiss your chances of getting laid online goodbye. However, if you’re in good shape, posting a picture will get many more replies than ads with no image. If you’re ballsy enough to put your face out there (and once again you’re good looking) post a full body pic. I personally go with the shirtless pic but crop my face out. Example:


Don’t be afraid to flex and use flattering lighting. Hit the gym before taking a shirtless photo so you’re pumped up a bit.

Also I can’t stress this enough – don’t post pics of your dick. Nobody wants to see a pic of your wrinkled nut sack and if they do, it’s probably a dude pretending to be a woman. Trust me, a shirtless pic is plenty good enough to get the engine revving.

Don’t Be Thirsty

the-thirst-is-realThirsty dudes are thirsty for a reason. They come on too strong with their neediness and chase women away. Neediness is probably the #1 dating turnoff, so stop being needy. If she stops replying to you, move on. If she ditches you, don’t be angry about it. Business is business so don’t take it personal. There are millions of women out there for you to talk to.

Don’t be overly eager to respond to messages or meet up. Give it a few interactions to see if she’s crazy or not. She probably is but whatever – you’ll chase off the crazies just as quick as the normal girls by being a thirsty loser. If you remember one thing from this article, remember this:

Play it cool

That phrase alone will help your dating mindset in a huge way.


Simply by improving your fitness, style and mindset, you’ll improve your responses with Craigslist Casual Encounters or any other dating platform.

    • Lift weights and become as fit as possible
    • Watch your diet
    • Upgrade your style
    • Improve your grammar and writing
    • Stop being thristy

Good luck with your next casual encounter!