Have you heard Negative XP’s hilarious viral shitpost of a song “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Ruined An Entire Generation of Women”? It’s hilarious and the shitstorm it raised is even funnier. It’s 3 chords worth of simple punk hilarity and in true punk fashion I couldn’t find a place to buy the song so I ripped it from YouTube. For extra punk points my hand is out of frame for like half the video. The song is literally all G-F-C plus some fills I made up so you get the idea.

Take a look at my “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Ruined An Entire Generation of Women” bass cover below:

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Update: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Ruined An Entire Generation Of Women Bass Tab

A few people on YouTube asked if I had a bass tab for this song, so I made one. Download a .txt file by clicking here.

I always play with either a 5 or 6 string bass and this song uses the low B in a couple of places. You can just leave that fill out if you play a normal bass guitar and it’ll sound fine. The tab is a bit rough but you’ll get the basic idea as the whole song is more or less the same riff over and over with a few variations. Good luck and have fun playing!