moshzillaWelcome to “What To Listen To While You’re Lifting Weights”, the show where I try to help you fix your shitty taste in music. I’m your host, xMattxEdgexCorexMoshxBrox and today I’m going to introduce you to the wide world of mid-2000s hardcore. You may remember “hardcore” as a mostly-ridiculous offshoot of punk rock where there’s 6 fights at every show and you’re required play drop D breakdowns over and over while yelling about topics such as “the scene”.

Let’s travel back to The Land Before (Hipster) Time, where vegans roamed the earth in search of chest pieces and ear gauges. Keep it posi, DIY or die and windmill mosh like an asshole with this mid-2000s hardcore lifting playlist!

With Honor – “Perfect Stance”
Champion – “The Truth”
Life Long Tragedy – “Make or Break”
Killing The Dream – “We’re All Dead Ends”
Modern Life Is War – “Momentum”
Have Heart – “The Unbreakable”
Verse – “Tear Down These Walls”
Miles Away – “Turn Your Back”
Set It Straight – “Hourglass”
Ruiner: “Bottom Line: Fuck You”

If this playlist doesn’t get you pumped up enough to get a shitty neck tattoo, I don’t know what will!

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