Satan Is RealEarlier tonight one of my buddies put out a call on Twitter asking for metal bands to listen to at the gym. Like most people, he can’t get into death metal vocals. Just like drinking black coffee, harsh vocals are hard to tolerate at first, but once you get used to it pretty soon you’re eating Folgers Crystals straight out of the can and listening to Anal Cunt all day. Here’s a playlist of “beginner” metal that’s 10% less angsty than the shit they play on Lazer 103.3 and won’t make your friends think you sacrifice kittens to the goat lord. Join me as we take baby steps into the world of heavy music with this easy-to-tolerate metal lifting playlist!

Killswitch Engage – “Rose of Sharyn”
All That Remains – “Six”
As I Lay Dying – “Forever”
Unearth – “Zombie Autopilot”

Other bands that I don’t personally like but are kinda the same, so you might like ’em:

– Pantera
– Lamb of God
– Trivium
– Avenged Sevenfold
– DevilDriver
– Newer In Flames albums
– Bullet For My Valentine

There ya go! Next time I’ll fire up a list of hardcore bands and songs that work great for lifting.

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