Every self-respecting metalhead has been an Iron Maiden fan at some point, and I’m no exception. I discovered Maiden around age 16 and I’m a geezer now so I can say “I’ve been listening to Iron Maiden since you were in diapers” and actually be correct. Get off my lawn, you damn kids, and watch my Iron Maiden “Killers” bass guitar cover/playthrough:

This was a super fun cover song filled with Steve Harris’ signature triplet gallops. It took me about two weeks to really perfect the song as playing loads of triplets is a real workout for the right hand. I missed a note in the middle (luckily on key) but otherwise it’s a pretty clean cover. I learned quite a bit here about Maiden’s playing style and how Harris handles fills, as well as some cool transition techniques between riffs that help the song flow a bit smoother.

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