Taking a long-term trip overseas is a pretty major operation. There’s a ton of planning, packing and logistics to plan out. Ever want to take a trip to the Philippines but you aren’t sure how? Matt Forney has been there, done that and he’s ready to show you how with his new book Do The Philippines. Do The Philippines contains a wealth of information about how to plan a successful trip to the Philippines and meet beautiful women. Even better, it also has one of my best book covers yet. Let’s take a look at the cover and a brief Do The Philippines review.

Matt Forney Do The Philippines

Matt was kind enough to provide me with a review copy for inspiration. One paragraph stuck out for me:

In many ways, the Philippines feels like the U.S. circa the late 80’s and early 90’s. Culture revolves around malls (malls are incredibly popular in the Philippines), sappy love songs by Erasure and Air Supply dominate the airwaves, and American fast food franchises are ridiculously popular, sowing the seeds for an obesity epidemic a decade or two down the line. And karaoke. Dear God, do Filipinos love karaoke.

I love the look of 80s retro/futuristic artwork. Since the Philippines is stuck in the 80s, I decided that a retro 80s action theme a la They Live would be the perfect look for Matt’s new book. Dunno about you, but neon colors, sunsets and palm trees make me want to hit Manila for a hard night of cocaine-fueled Kenny Loggins karaoke covers.

A Comprehensive Philippines Travel Guide For Men

My artwork is always fantastic, but what kind of info does the book hold? If you’re making a trip to the Philippines, Matt outlines a start-to-finish method of planning a successful adventure. Do The Philippines offers useful advice such as:

  • How to maximize your stay in the Philippines
  • Dealing with complex visa requirements
  • Guarding against the prevalent criminal element found in the Philippines
  • Keeping yourself healthy and avoiding sickness
  • Finding the “least worst” food out of questionable cuisine choices
  • Securing an apartment and travel accommodations

In addition to general Philippines travel advice, Do The Philippines places a heavy emphasis on meeting women. Matt’s book focuses mainly on Davao and Manila, the “destination cities” for most foreign travelers. He explains how the Philippines may be the easiest country in the world to find a quality wife or simply get laid. Do The Philippines shows:

  • What Filipina women want in a man and how you can meet these expectations
  • An overview of nightlife in the Philippines
  • Day game strategies
  • Long-term dating and where to look for relationship-material girls
  • How to use online dating sites to maximize your efforts

Matt’s book is a comprehensive guide to planning and executing your own Philippines adventure, so if you’re looking at a little foreign travel, make sure to pick up a copy of Do The Philippines. It’s a practical, easy-to-follow travel guide that you’ll enjoy reading.

As a bonus, Matt’s entire collection of works is on sale until December 27th. Click here to visit MattForneyBooks.com to get the rest of Matt’s books.

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