Have you ever been walking down the street and tripped over a crusty homeless guy, only to discover they’re actually just a hipster? Save your spare change, because Tanner Guzy, proprietor of Masculine Style, just released a new course on men’s fashion.

Tanner’s course is full of great information, attacking the concept of style from a very different angle than any traditional style blog, book or video. Style As Storytelling is much more than a simple ebook – it’s a bit of a history lesson, combined with theory on how masculinity relates to style. Style As Storytelling doesn’t simply tell you how to dress, it gives the tools you need to tell your own story though style.

Style as Storytelling has a written component, as well as several videos. Although the course isn’t explicitly a “book”, I helped Tanner create a book cover for the course. Take a look:

I’d highly recommend checking out Tanner’s course. Get into Style As Storytelling and learn how to write your own story.

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