It’s been busy ’round these parts lately. Last week I got the chance to illustrate a book cover for controversial author and grand master internet troll Matt Forney‘s newest version of Trolling For A Living: The Best of Matt Forney Volume 1. Matt gave me full creative control over the book cover, and the results are pretty great if I do say so myself:


Matt Forney Trolling For a Living cover


I started off drawing the fake $100 bill in Illustrator and imported into Photoshop for some final textures and tweaks to make the whole thing look more like a stack of realistic bills. I took a pic of some notebook paper and hand-wrote the title. I crammed a ton of funny details into the Troll Dollar, so howzabout we take a closer look:


Trolling For a Living cover detail

The original troll face is pixellated and crappy, so I traced over it with Illustrator and did some cleanup. I even threw in a gold tooth for some extra bling action. Pick up your very own copy of Trolling For A Living over at

Want your very own book cover? Hire me to do it for you!