I’ve been playing session bass for Aborted Earth for their last several EPs, and I’m stoked to present our latest effort Funny Suits & Shiny Boots, as split album with Maryland one-man project Excruciating Euphoria.

Our new EP cover art is a combined effort from Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse Audio Engineering/Aborted Earth guitarist), Jack Greenman (Simply Brutal Co./Excruciating Euphoria multi-instrumentalist/vocalist) and myself. Take a look:

Aborted earth excruciating euphoria funny suits and shiny boots album cover

Shannon brainstormed the original concept and art, consisting of a hilarious combination of a KKK robe with laser eyes in front of a Hot Topic store. He added in the fishnets and legs, with some obvious/crappy collage style cutouts. Shannon passed it off to me and I added the frame, some hands and placed the logos. Jack finished off the cover with some crazy texture work and painting “I’m A Cunt” on the KKK robe. All in all, a hilarious effort from all of us and I like the absurdity.

Shannon is the architect behind the Aborted Earth logo, and Jack created the Excruciating Euphoria logo. They’re both super creative dudes and great artists, so make sure you check out their work. Hire any one of us if you’re looking for album art or logo work.

The split EP is scheduled for release on December 19th, so grab a preorder by clicking here.

Hire Jack for logo work, lyric videos and album art via Simply Brutal Co.’s Facebook page.

Hire me for logos, illustration work, document design and anything visually creative via my contact page.