As a kid I loved all the old cartoons. Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbara etc were on regular rotation after elementary school, and I’d park my fat 10 year old ass in front of the TV with a box of Little Debbis, watching cartoons till my eyes bled.

Recently the retro 1930s cartoon aesthetic has experienced a revival. The video game Cuphead did some really cool stuff with their artwork.

I had a bit of downtime so I decided to dabble in the style for a bit of Halloween retro art fun. I applied my own illustration style while adopting a combination of cute/weird/”faux evil” along with the 1930s cartoon aesthetic. Check it out:

1930s Scarecrow Cartoon

Where dem hoes at? RIGHT HERE! ON MY NEW ART! THAT’S WHERE THE HOES ARE! I mean there’s 1. And a scarecrow.

The Scarecrow - Matt Lawrence Art

This is a pretty straightforward and fun cartoon, featuring a Halloween scarecrow holding a hoe. I went with the traditional four-fingered cartoon gloves and Disney-style bulbous shoes to keep the style but keeping it fresh with a white outline and some of my vector textures and thick outlines.
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Retro Box Demon Cartoon

This one fits in a bit with some of my past works with isometric faces, adding in some cartoon elements. I brought in some halftones to experiment with as a shading tool. And he’s got one arm. Dunno what else to say with this dude, sometimes I just draw weird shit. He’s also for sale on Teepublic.

Graveyard Beholder

Here’s another cute little cartoon with some of the same elements. No merch for this poor guy because apparently I didn’t save the master file. Whoops! Enjoy the art anyway because I’m sick of writing.

Graveyard Beholder

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