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beautiful-russian-girlDating is not easy.

You approach women. Then they reject you. You go on dates. Then the girls don’t call you back. You finally seduce one of the girls who called you back. Then she tells you that she has tripper.

It can be frustrating and mind-numbing.

But what’s the alternative?

You can jerk off to porn and hope that you don’t jizz on your laptop. Thanks to virtual reality porn this experience becomes even more pleasurable. But let’s face it. You are a human being. You crave for love and for physical intimacy with someone who doesn’t have a USB port.

In fact, you don’t need to become a porn addict. There is an alternative and his name is Foreign Dating. Foreign Dating is a decent fellow and he can make you very, very happy.
But you have been warned.

You need to ask yourself the following 10 questions BEFORE you say hi to Foreign Dating…

1. Do I Have Aviatophobia?

Have you ever heard of aviatophobia?

Don’t worry. I also didn’t know what it is until I looked it up. It’s the fear of flying and if you have this fear, your foreign dating tip will end before it even started.

I’m sorry to say this but dating abroad requires that you actually go abroad. And in case you are in the United States, you need to catch an airplane in order to get somewhere. Puking for ten hours straight is not a good way to start your trip.

Oh, wait. You can start your foreign dating adventure in Mexico.

2. Am I Ready to Get Hanged by Feminists?

If there is one thing that feminists hate then it is foreign dating. Yep, as a guy who is looking for love abroad you are officially on the hit list. Feminists will hate you for it and Trigglypuffs will hate you even more.


Well, let’s say it like this:

If you were an overweight middle-aged woman who needs antidepressants to get out of bed, you would also hate every man who realizes that dating a young and beautiful woman with traditional family values is not the worst idea.

3. Am I Too American for This?

murica-flag-fat-guy-with-gunDepending on where you go, you will experience a culture shock. Okay, you won’t experience a culture shock if you go to the Philippines. They have every fast food chain on the planet, but if you decide to visit small towns in the Ukraine, you might have a hard time to find a McDonalds.

And please don’t expect the American friendliness in other parts of the world. When you go to a Serbian restaurant you can be glad when the chef brings you something to eat without killing you. Don’t even think about smiling at him.

4. Will I Sweat When I’m With a Hot Girl?

You pervert, I know exactly what you are thinking right now. But that’s not what I mean. I also don’t mean that you are too fat to date abroad. Well, maybe you are. In case you need two seats in the business class, you are definitely too fat for this.

Anyways, I’m not talking about sweating during sex and I’m also not talking about being so fat that the airplane needs to make an emergency landing. I’m talking about your nervousness around hot women.

Believe it or not but when you decide to date abroad, you are going to meet many hot women. That’s actually one of the dangers of foreign dating. There are countries where the women are so exceptionally beautiful that you will sweat like a pig when you meet them for the first time. And you’ll probably fall in love.

5. Why Does She Really Want to Marry Me?

fat-guy-with-hot-girlMost foreign women are looking for a decent husband who treats them with respect. Some women are looking for men who have big wallets and small brains, which can be a very lucrative combination.

No matter if you call these girls gold diggers, hoes or prostitutes, they want your money. I hope I don’t have to tell you that you should stay away from them.

Insider tip: Avoid the bars with bright red lights and half-naked girls.

6. Do I Prefer a Sauna or a Fridge?

Some people like it hot. Others like it cold.

Before you embark on your foreign dating journey you should think about which country you want to go to. Believe me, you will regret it if you go to the wrong country.

The question is: Do you prefer to burn in the sun in Thailand or freeze to death in Russia?

The choice is yours.

7. Am I Ready to Marry Her Family?

If you think that dating a foreign woman is the same as dating a girl in the USA, you are up for a surprise. I remember the day when I met the parents of my ex-girlfriend. I just said “hi” and that was it.

What if you date a girl from a more traditional country?

Meeting the family is a big deal and you are damn lucky if you only have to meet the parents. She might have ten cousins, five aunts and uncles and four siblings.

If you think about marrying her, you shouldn’t forget that you also marry her family.

8. Can I Communicate With My Hands and Feet?

hot-cantonese-girlDo you speak Cantonese?

Nope, konichiwa was the other Asian language. But don’t worry. I don’t speak Cantonese either and in case you are not Chinese, I assume that you also don’t speak it.

But that doesn’t matter, at least when you can communicate with your hands and feet. If you can’t do that, you should prepare yourself for many misunderstandings and dishes that you never ordered.

9. What if I Have the Time of My Life?

That’s a legitimate question.

What if you meet the woman of your dreams, fall in love with her and experience the best time of your life?

You wouldn’t be the first guy who catches the foreign dating virus. It’s addictive and once you tasted the forbidden fruit, it’s impossible to go back.

10. Do I Have a Reason to Come Back?

You need a good reason, believe me.

No matter if it’s your job, your hamster Manfred or your wife; you need to have a reason to put an end to your foreign dating adventure.

If you don’t have a reason to come back, you won’t come back. It’s that simple.