Procreate Digital Drawing Software Review

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Are you an artist? Love to paint but too lazy to actually go to the store and buy paint? I know your pain. Lucky for us, there's some great digital drawing/painting software for the iPad, and it's the hilariously named Procreate. Check out my Procreate [...]

Redbubble Review: How Good Are Redbubble Shirts?

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Have you ever sat alone, shirtless, waiting in the cold for a day that never comes? I've been there too. That is, until I found Redbubble, the ultimate source for artist-made t-shirts. Thousands of artists have uploaded their wares, making unique clothing, stickers, phone cases [...]

Book Review – Adult Coloring Book: 31 Soothing Mandala Designs By Matt Lawrence

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Today marks the proudest day in my entire life. Prouder than that time I graduated college. Prouder than when Arnold Schwarzenegger shook my hand for heroically saving Sandusky, Ohio's cutest kitten from a burning building. That's right, today is the day I release Adult Coloring [...]

Book Cover and Review: Do The Philippines By Matt Forney

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Taking a long-term trip overseas is a pretty major operation. There's a ton of planning, packing and logistics to plan out. Ever want to take a trip to the Philippines but you aren't sure how? Matt Forney has been there, done that and he's ready [...]

Book Cover/Review: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement MANual by Jay Campbell

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Have you ever felt low on energy? Lazy in the sack? Getting fat and losing muscle even though you're working harder than ever in the gym? You're not alone. Practically every man over 30 (myself included) suffers from several of these symptoms thanks to prevalent [...]