Desi Casanova Logo

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Indian men have it rough when it comes to dating. According to OkCupid's 2009 study, Indian guys receive fewer replies than any other ethnic group. How do you meet and date beautiful women if you're an Indian man? Enter Desi Casanova, a dating resource devoted [...]

A Secret Look Inside The Creative Process: Conquering Your Life

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Do you remember The Alpha Persona? No? Sucks to be you, because TAP was a great (though somewhat short-lived) blog that offered easily-digestible and actionable dating and lifestyle advice. Even though TAP is dead and buried, there's a ray of light at the end of [...]

Masculine Style Logo Redesign

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Recently my friend Tanner Guzy over at Masculine Style approached me about a complete overhaul of his current brand identity. I'd created Tanner's original logo a few years ago, so this was a fun opportunity to improve on something I'd previously worked on. Tanner requested a [...]

Being A Skateboard Poser

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You don't fucking skate Back in junior high I used to think of myself as a badass skater. I'm talking like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-level badass. This was pure delusion since I couldn't do basic tricks like ollies or kickflips. I was so shitty [...]