Kawaii Easter Egg

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Happy Easter! While you're busy taking pictures with some creepy mall Easter Bunny, I'm slaving away creating super cute kawaii art. Take a break from stuffing your craw full of chocolate bunnies and appreciate the 20+ minutes of hard work that I put into creating this kawaii [...]

Space Graffiti: The Not-So-Final-Frontier

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Graffiti is one of two things - either an ugly eyesore on the nearest McDonalds wall or an interesting and uniquely civil disobedient form of artistic expression. As an unruly teenager, my friends and I briefly experimented with spray painting band logos and stupid phrases [...]

The Top 10 Metal Albums of 2013

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Wow, it's December already? Time flies when you're living a fast-paced, money-and-bitches lifestyle. I mean, I would imagine. I pretty much sit around all day drawing shit and then I go to the gym. Anyway, 2013 was an amazing year for heavy metal, so here [...]

Super Cute Alpaca Illustration! Omg Wow!

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Even though I'm a heavy metal-blasting, weightlifting super gym bro, I have a secret weakness - cute and fuzzy animals! A cute puppy or kitten is pretty much the cure for all emotional ailments. Girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you for leaving the toilet seat up/down? Got fired [...]

Super Mario Has A Super Serious Drug Problem

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When I was a kid we used to beat up other kids, take their lunch money, shoot up heroin and play Super Mario World until we puked all over each other's shoes. That's what happens your parents are hippies and hook you up with a [...]

How To Make An Awesome Birthday Card For Your Mom

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Hey there kids! Today I'm here to teach you how to make an awesome birthday card for your mom. Handmade gifts are perfect since mothers everywhere love the stuff you make, no matter how crappy it is. Plus it's free. Minimal effort + low cost [...]