Still The Heartbeat – Jingle Bells (Metal Cover)

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Christmas is tomorrow, so that means it's time for ridiculous metal covers of classic Christmas songs. I joined a band for the first time in a decade, so we decided to put out our heavy metal Jingle Bells cover as a little intro. I didn't [...]

Exclusive Live Pictures of Slayer and Jeff Hanneman Live At The Jules Loft, Circa 1984

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Here's a special treat for all the metalheads out there. As you probably already know, Slayer's founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman died of liver failure on May 2, 2013. That means tomorrow is the anniversary of Jeff's death. My friend Jason was very active in the [...]

Heavy Metal Art: Toxic Mutant

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I'm getting seriously lazy with descriptions and intros to my art this week, so here's the deal. I drew this thrash metal-inspired toxic mutant, and you should go look at it:       Toxic waste and war scenes are pretty much thrash staples, so [...]

The Top 10 Metal Albums of 2013

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Wow, it's December already? Time flies when you're living a fast-paced, money-and-bitches lifestyle. I mean, I would imagine. I pretty much sit around all day drawing shit and then I go to the gym. Anyway, 2013 was an amazing year for heavy metal, so here [...]