Procreate Digital Drawing Software Review

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Are you an artist? Love to paint but too lazy to actually go to the store and buy paint? I know your pain. Lucky for us, there's some great digital drawing/painting software for the iPad, and it's the hilariously named Procreate. Check out my Procreate [...]


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Hey! It's Good Friday! Instead of celebrating springtime with a fun Easter image, it's time for something weird. Up on today's menu, it's a digital painting of a Rokurokubi. What is a Rokurokubi, you ask? It's a malevolent Japanese spirit with a stretched-out neck. Rokurokubi can [...]

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Morbid Santa Claus Illustration

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Tomorrow's the big day, kids! While you're gathered 'round the tree, don't forget about good ol' Santa squeezing his fat ass down the chimney just so you can unwrap presents.  Enjoy this morbid Santa Claus illustration I made as a little counterbalance to all the [...]

Aliens, Zombies and Floating Heads, Oh Geez!

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After mastering the art of mediocre digital painting, I decided that learning Corel Painter is more trouble than it's worth. Yet the burning desire for creation remained. How will the aspiring digital painter (me) bring his ideas to the adoring populace? The answer? Use a [...]