Triangle Investing by Wall Street Playboys Book Cover

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Do you like money? I know I do, otherwise I'd be asleep in a Burger King parking lot instead of writing this article. You know who else likes money? Wall Street Playboys, that's who. They're here to help you out with your investment strategy with [...]

Book Cover: Advanced Game Techniques by Goldmund

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Most guys want to get better with women. Unfortunately there's a lot of questionable sources out there, ranging from ineffective PUA methods to actively damaging horseshit like Men's Health dating columns. If you wade through the garbage, you'll find a few gems. Goldmund's blog and [...]

Book Cover and Review: Do The Philippines By Matt Forney

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Taking a long-term trip overseas is a pretty major operation. There's a ton of planning, packing and logistics to plan out. Ever want to take a trip to the Philippines but you aren't sure how? Matt Forney has been there, done that and he's ready [...]

Book Cover/Review: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement MANual by Jay Campbell

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Have you ever felt low on energy? Lazy in the sack? Getting fat and losing muscle even though you're working harder than ever in the gym? You're not alone. Practically every man over 30 (myself included) suffers from several of these symptoms thanks to prevalent [...]