Triangle Investing by Wall Street Playboys Book Cover

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Do you like money? I know I do, otherwise I'd be asleep in a Burger King parking lot instead of writing this article. You know who else likes money? Wall Street Playboys, that's who. They're here to help you out with your investment strategy with [...]

Book Cover & Review: “Style As Storytelling” by Tanner Guzy

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Have you ever been walking down the street and tripped over a crusty homeless guy, only to discover they're actually just a hipster? Save your spare change, because Tanner Guzy, proprietor of Masculine Style, just released a new course on men's fashion. Tanner's course is [...]

Book Cover: "An Introduction To Camera Game" by Goldmund

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Have you ever wondered how to get into art, but aren't sure what to do? Photography is a great starting point. Photography is easy to learn yet difficult to master, so the sky is the limit. Goldmund has taken photography in an interesting and fun [...]

Book Cover: Matt Forney’s Trolling For A Living

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It's been busy 'round these parts lately. Last week I got the chance to illustrate a book cover for controversial author and grand master internet troll Matt Forney's newest version of Trolling For A Living: The Best of Matt Forney Volume 1. Matt gave me [...]