What Is The Best Feminist Rap Song?

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It's the current year, and rap is still a hotbed of problematic misogynist hatred. Isn't it time we take the rape out of rap and give hip hop a hip social justice message? The answer is "yes" and if you don't agree with me, you're [...]

A Secret Look Inside The Creative Process: Conquering Your Life

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Do you remember The Alpha Persona? No? Sucks to be you, because TAP was a great (though somewhat short-lived) blog that offered easily-digestible and actionable dating and lifestyle advice. Even though TAP is dead and buried, there's a ray of light at the end of [...]

Heavy Metal Art: Severed Demon Head

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Heavy metal is pretty much the ultimate form of music, and nothing says "heavy metal" like a severed demon head. Check out this sweet heavy metal-inspired image that I drew:     Your band needs some cool art. Send me an email and let's get [...]

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Book Cover/Review: Confessions of an Online Hustler by Matt Forney

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I'm a little slow on posting my work for Matt Forney's newest book, "Confessions of an Online Hustler".¬†Matt hooked me up with a copy of his freshly rewritten blogging guide for inspiration, I cooked up a cover:  


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Hey! It's Good Friday! Instead of celebrating springtime with a fun Easter image, it's time for something weird. Up on today's menu, it's a digital painting of a Rokurokubi. What is a Rokurokubi, you ask? It's a malevolent Japanese spirit with a stretched-out neck. Rokurokubi can [...]

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Heavy Metal Art: Toxic Mutant

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I'm getting seriously lazy with descriptions and intros to my art this week, so here's the deal. I drew this thrash metal-inspired toxic mutant, and you should go look at it:       Toxic waste and war scenes are pretty much thrash staples, so [...]