There’s a new Tinder method in town, and guess who made the book cover? No damn you, not Dr Suess. The correct answer is “me”. That’s right, my amazing artwork graces the cover of Will Freemen’s new book, “How To Get Laid On Tinder.” Take a look:

How To Get Laid on Tinder by Will Freemen

I also did the interior layout for Will’s book, so of course I got to read the material as I was copy/pasting content. Check out one of the interior pages:

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How To Get Laid on Tinder interior

Content blurred to protect intellectual property

I’ve been grinding it out on Tinder for roughly 6 months with varying levels of success. The worst thing about Tinder is half the time girls don’t even know why they’re using it besides “my friend told me to sign up lol”. Even if you’re a male model, Tinder window shoppers will suck valuable hours out of your day if you aren’t careful.

Interacting with Tinder time wasters is frustrating at best. With How To Get Laid on Tinder, Will has developed an effective system that quickly weeds out window shoppers and girls who aren’t serious about meeting guys. The method is so fast and simple that it’s almost unbelievable.

But wait, there’s more! Will included several lay reports complete with screencaps and a postgame breakdown of how he did his thing, showing exactly how to implement the method. I did a round of testing using Will’s info and I’m very pleased with the results. In roughly two weeks, I received 14 numbers. Out of those 14, I set up 11 dates. Out of the 11, I actually met 3 girls. Out of those 3 I got a notch. This is a vast increase on ROI vs my previous tactics.

The only potential negatives to implementing Will’s method are:

– You need to look good naked. Tinder is very looks-based, so if you have a beer gut you need to take 6 months to get your shit together.
– You need to live in a target-rich area. If you’re stuck in Buttfuck, Oklahoma there’s probably three girls using Tinder.

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of How To Get Laid on Tinder. Not only can you can appreciate my amazing artwork and meet the girl of your dreams, Jesus Christ himself will descend from the heavens and hand you a coupon for 20% off a cup of coffee at Waffle House!

Want your very own book cover? Hire me to do some custom art!
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