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10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Date Abroad

By |November 10th, 2016|

This is a contribution by Sebastian Harris of Globalseducer.com.

Dating is not easy.

You approach women. Then they reject you. You go on dates. Then the girls don’t call you back. You finally seduce one of the girls who called you back. Then she tells you that […]

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The Dangers of Online Dating

By |September 21st, 2016|

We’ve all been there. You’re too lazy to go to the bar. Too drunk to go to the coffee shop. Too many restraining orders to ever return to the mall. What’s left? Internet dating! It sounds great on paper. You can meet a girl, text […]

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The Most Important Question To Ask Before You Go On A Date

By |May 5th, 2016|

A while ago I wrote a Craigslist ad based around a straight edge theme. Turns out that this is a bad idea – apparently the only girls who want to date straight edge guys are either fucked-up single moms looking for a knight in shining […]

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How To Write A Location-Specific Craigslist M4W Ad

By |March 28th, 2016|

Plenty of Fish is plenty played out, and even Tinder barely generates a spark these days. Oddly enough, Craigslist M4W ads are still my best source for internet dates. I’m going to share a location-specific Craigslist M4W that I helped a friend in Portland create. […]

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An Effective Craigslist M4W Ad Example For Guys Who Don’t Drink

By |February 24th, 2016|

I get a surprising amount of email from guys who don’t drink asking for online dating advice. I won’t lie to you – if you don’t drink at all, you’re operating with a severe handicap when it comes to internet dating. I’m going to share […]

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An Example of A Successful Craigslist M4W Casual Encounters Ad

By |October 20th, 2015|

Howdy readers! Are you ready to wade into the murky depths of online dating? Many of you are familiar with Tinder, but did you know Craigslist is the OG source for scoring anonymous sex on the internet? Lately I’ve gotten a lot of emails from […]

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Book Cover/Review: How To Fuck Women Properly By Will Freemen

By |September 11th, 2015|

What’s the meaning of life? If you think it’s something noble like helping your fellow man or attaining spiritual enlightenment, you are wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for your ignorance. Getting laid is clearly the meaning of life, and that means if you […]

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The Crazy Girl Saga

By |March 23rd, 2015|

My name is widely known throughout the land for some of the weirdest and worst dating experiences. One of the more legendary in a long line of fucked up dating misadventures involves a cute girl I met on Craigslist a few years ago. I simply […]

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An Example of A Successful Craigslist M4W Dating Ad

By |March 11th, 2015|

A lot of guys have asked me about internet dating using Craigslist. Most of the questions revolve around “how do I get laid on Craigslist”, “how do I write a good Craigslist m4w ad” or “can I really get laid on Craigslist Casual Encounters?” Craigslist […]

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Desi Casanova Logo

By |February 3rd, 2015|

Indian men have it rough when it comes to dating. According to OkCupid’s 2009 study, Indian guys receive fewer replies than any other ethnic group. How do you meet and date beautiful women if you’re an Indian man? Enter Desi Casanova, a dating resource devoted […]