Redbubble Review: How Good Are Redbubble Shirts?

redbubble Have you ever sat alone, shirtless, waiting in the cold for a day that never comes? I’ve been there too. That is, until I found Redbubble, the ultimate source for artist-made t-shirts. Thousands of artists have uploaded their wares, making unique clothing, stickers, phone cases and other items a simple click away. But how good are Redbubble shirts? Read on for my Redbubble review.

How Good Is The Print On A Redbubble Shirt?

Redbubble offers many different shirt options, including tri-blend, tank top, v neck and women’s shirts. I purchased the typical “unisex t-shirt”.

Unlike the traditional four color screen print process, Redbubble utilizes “direct-to-garment” printing. As the name suggests, this method involves a high-quality inkjet printer that’s able to print complex, multicolored images directly onto fabric. As a test run, I bought one of my Vladimir Putin shirts. Redbubble shirts ship in a branded bag like the one below:


Fresh out of the bag the shirt is kind of stinky and smells like ink. They also have a tiny clothes pin with a cloth thank you note attached to the shirt.


With this level of concern for branding, I get the idea that Redbubble is quite a bit more serious about their products than many competing services.

The colors on the shirt are fairly true to my original design and the direct-to-garment printing method handles the high levels of detail/color quite well. The ink is noticeably thinner than on a traditional screen printed shirt, but after several washes it’s held up well.

How Well Do Redbubble Shirts Fit?

Redbubble shirts are made from a slightly thinner/softer material than your average t shirt (I consider Gildan shirts the typical shirt measuring stick). They fit roughly the same as you would expect.

I’m an athletic guy and enjoy tight-fitting clothing so I can show off the muscles. I’m also about 5’9″ and roughly 170 lbs at the moment. I wear a small and it fits perfectly. After several washes I didn’t notice much in the way of shrinkage, so choose whatever size you typically wear when ordering a shirt and you’ll probably be fine.


  • Redbubble offers hundreds of thousands of unique designs from independent artists
  • Each purchase supports the artist directly through Redbubble’s commission system
  • The print is good quality and will hold up to multiple washings
  • There are multiple size/clothing type options as well as many other items (stickers, phone cases, pillows)
  • Email support is available and typically responds within a day or two

Overall, Redbubble shirts aren’t amazing, but they definitely aren’t garbage. I’d recommend Redbubble for interesting, unique t-shirt designs. Redbubble gets 3.5 out of 5 clip art stars:

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  1. Alena Kruchkova June 23, 2017 at 11:27 am - Reply

    I ordered an expedited shipping for a large order from Redbubble. Total came out to be $428. I paid $98 for delivery. They emailed me saying that order is ready to be shipped 3 days prior to delivery date. Then they simply never brought my package to UPS.

    My order was for an event and it needed to be delivered on a specific date. When one day went by and UPS had no updates for me I panicked and tried contacting Redbubble. They have no customer service phone line. Emailed them- never heard back. Then was forced to have twitter conversation with them- had to deal with incredibly rude person who basically told me that They DO NOT CARE and it is MY FAULT FOR ORDERING WITH THEM.

    Disappointed is not the word I would use for this experience. If they did not care for a semi-large order what makes you think they’ll treat your single T order with any respect. Stay Away from Redbubble!

    • Matt June 24, 2017 at 9:19 pm - Reply


      Do you realize that for $550 you could’ve paid a local print shop to create a higher-quality custom four color process shirt, gotten twice the amount of shirts, picked the order up locally and avoided shipping, and still paid less?

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