True Friends Would Never Fuck Your Mom: March-July Search Terms

Too bad boys, she's asexual What's new in the wide world of crazy internet searches? Elf porn, cuck foot fetishes and more Craigslist weirdos, that's what! Let us gaze into the abyss of Google Analytics and see what strange search terms brought people to [...]

Book Review – Adult Coloring Book: 31 Soothing Mandala Designs By Matt Lawrence

Today marks the proudest day in my entire life. Prouder than that time I graduated college. Prouder than when Arnold Schwarzenegger shook my hand for heroically saving Sandusky, Ohio's cutest kitten from a burning building. That's right, today is the day I release Adult Coloring [...]

Book Cover: Max Stirner Bibliography by Trevor Blake

Do you like oranges? How about obscure egoist philosophy? Guess what, you're in luck! Trevor Blake, the man with the big ego, has collected a comprehensive bibliography of Max Stirner's work. Blake's new book Max Stirner Bibliography is out now, and yours truly got to [...]

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How To Write A Location-Specific Craigslist M4W Ad

Plenty of Fish is plenty played out, and even Tinder barely generates a spark these days. Oddly enough, Craigslist M4W ads are still my best source for internet dates. I'm going to share a location-specific Craigslist M4W that I helped a friend in Portland create. [...]

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