How I Quadrupled My Craiglist Casual Encounters Responses

Craigslist Casual Encounters is the holy grail for trying to score without actually leaving the house. The problem is, most guys can't write a decent Casual Encounters ad to save their lives. Whether you're being too boring or straight up creepy, you probably need to [...]

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The Four Confidences by Ed Latimore

Everyone struggles with confidence from time to time. Since confidence arises from success, how do you create confidence when you have no success to build on? Writer, physicist and professional boxer Ed Latimore offers some excellent insight into the topic with his new ebook The [...]

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Favorite Martial Arts Class Characters

Interesting weirdos can be observed in just about any public venue, including an apartment complex or the gym. If you want to discover an odd nexus of socially inept dorks with Final Fantasy tattoos, white trash dudes on steroids and militant lesbians with anger management [...]

Book Cover: The Man From Brooklyn by Goldmund

If you've read any of my stories, you'll know a bit about dating from a gentleman's perspective. Author Goldmund offers a different perspective with his new book The Man From Brooklyn. Instead of a traditional tale of seduction, The Man From Brooklyn tells the story [...]

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