What Is The Best Feminist Rap Song?

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It's the current year, and rap is still a hotbed of problematic misogynist hatred. Isn't it time we take the rape out of rap and give hip hop a hip social justice message? The answer is "yes" and if you don't agree with me, you're [...]

Exclusive Live Pictures of Slayer and Jeff Hanneman Live At The Jules Loft, Circa 1984

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Here's a special treat for all the metalheads out there. As you probably already know, Slayer's founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman died of liver failure on May 2, 2013. That means tomorrow is the anniversary of Jeff's death. My friend Jason was very active in the [...]

Shitty Pop Song Review: Michael Bublé "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

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Is anybody else as sick of Christmas music as I am? It's impossible to walk into any store without running a gauntlet of holiday horseshit blasting through every speaker in the place. I'm actually surprised we haven't had mass shootings in outlet malls across America. If [...]

Matt’s Old School Death Metal Lifting Playlist

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Why you gotta bring up old shit??? Back in the mid-90s when I was a JV league metalhead, we used to smoke the devil's lettuce and listen to devil music in my friend Larry's van. Nowadays I'd rather build muscle than burn out brain cells, but I [...]